animated lemonade (clandestinechao) wrote,
animated lemonade

This is me now

I'm graduating in exactly one month and one day.
From college, let me make that clear.
Because, my god, I feel incredibly young to be doing this. To be done with school forever!
Maybe grad school? MAYBE!
Everything about me screams young! I still live at home and try to have dinner with my family every night. I only work 2 days a week. Most of my friends are younger than me. I just started to have a consistent party nightlife in the last year since turning 21.
I'm just young at heart, I guess.

I just can't fucken believe it. I'm graduating from San Diego State University.

If only July 1989 could see me now!

I'm surrounded by love, great music and lots of wonderful things to do with my time. I write, I write oh and I write some more. I'm part of MEChA and in charge of organizing a new afterschool program at a local middle school and I make coffee for people at SDSU two days a week. I listen to Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon and Rage Agasint the Machine whenver I can. Adam makes me smile, even in text messages. When I nestle into his arms on some nights, I honestly can't beleive my great fortune.

I'm graduating from college. Wow. Time is unforgiving isn't it?
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